Will Lyssa zampa, the tropical swallowtail moth, make a big appearance this year?

The tropical swallowtail moth flew in to the corridor outside Starbucks at NUS MD11 last Saturday amidst a meeting about the Evening of Biodiversity.

The next morning I received two other sightings from the south-west, Keppel and Marina, and just now another and another. Looks like its time to post a reminder about submitting sightings though the Habitatnews webpage sidebar (http://tinyurl.com/habitatnews-records) and email me photos at habitatnews@sivasothi.com.

Lyssa zampa appears in urban environments every year and on many months, but in some years it peaks with large occurrences around May – August and the last such peak was observed in 2005.

We are always on the look out for the next big emergence!

2014 04 12 13 46 21

20 May 2014 update – thanks for the records everyone! It’s been wonderful receiving sightings from all over Singapore this year especially this humoungous in May; I have been waiting for this large-scale reporting of Lyssa zampa since 2005! While it is numerous in some areas, it is absent elsewhere, so we are lucky to see this moth! Thank you and keep those records coming in! – Sivasothi aka Otterman


127 thoughts on “Will Lyssa zampa, the tropical swallowtail moth, make a big appearance this year?

  1. Saw it in Yishun on 15 May! Didn’t know what it was, all I knew was that it was a damn huge moth! Incidentally my friend (also staying in Yishun) saw one in her flat on that same night too!

  2. We have had major sightings of this beautiful moth at our estate (The Peak @ Toa Payoh DBSS). Just over the last couple of days, I have encountered 3-4 of these on my floor at diff times of the day. My neighbours have encountered them too and they live on diff floors and diff blocks of the estate. 🙂 Just a rough count of a handful of us who were chatting about them online, we have in total encountered more than 20 of these in the surroundings and in homes. There are many more who have sighted the moths who didn’t talk about it in the estate forum but whom I spoke to individually. Fascinating but a little scary for the ladies. 🙂

  3. Spotted 3 darting out of the vegetation to the open and back into the vegetation at Nee Soon pipeline today.

  4. 2 at Bukit Panjang. My mum tried to chase it away but it became worse as it flew to the house ceiling instead. ._.

  5. Hey I saw one today at my void deck. I stay in Ubi. Every year I see them around this time. Should have taken a photo but it was high up near the ceiling.

  6. Bukit Batok West. 14th floor. Usually around 5-6 throughout the night which is bad because I have such an extreme phobia of moths. It has been terrible =(

  7. Spotted one over the weekend from Fri till today. It was always hanging around the front door of our flat (8th floor, Queensway). Even in the daytime, it was clinging to the wall despite the strong winds. Have posted on habitatnews 🙂

  8. Spotted one in my house! I stay at Yishun and my dad woke up to see it in our living room! Scared the hell out of me. Luckily it didnt land on my face!

  9. Had one appear last night at my house in Commonwealth around 8 plus. Scared the crap out of me as I didn’t even notice it fly in! Manage to nudge it out of the house after a few minutes so hope it’s still flying about =D

  10. Spotted a couple at Fort Canning Park! The Shakespeare in the Park show is happening now so it flies around even while show is playing!

  11. Hi, had one in my apartment for the last couple of days. Took a load of photos if you want to see them

  12. I was at yio chu kang swimming complex on sunday night and there were LOSTA these moths and they’re sooo pretty!! There must have been easily 30 or more of them!! I took a few pictures too!!

  13. Spotted one on the 32nd floor of my hdb block, was aiming for the light. Saw another at the workplace in Boon Keng but the poor moth died 😦

  14. I saw it too today! This afternoon under my block at kaki bukit.. This is quite scary.. So many people seen it! It’s the 2nd time I’ve seen this moth.

  15. 3 of these were hanging out in Qihua Primary School today. Another outside my home. so chalk up 4 for Woodlands/Marsiling!

  16. A friend of mine had sighted one at Clementi a 3 or so nights ago and another the following night at Clementi as well. I however am living in Telok Blangah and have yet to see one. Thank god for that, though. I would be terrified to see one!

  17. I saw one in my house ( Tampines) 4 days ago. Sadly it was killed my my dog when it flew to my house floor. I wanted to save it but my dog got really curious and killed it when the moth flew to my house floor 😦 RIP moth, see you again soon

  18. One flew into my room last night (Jurong East) prior to the heavy thunderstorm. It perched on the top door of the cabinet and stayed motionless for several hours. It had gone by this morning though….

  19. One flew into my room on Monday’s night (19 May 2014) and stayed for quite some time. First time seeing such a huge butterfly! 🙂

  20. It’s all over the entrance of SGX Centre. Anyone with any explanation of this sudden emergence of lyssa zampa all over Singapore? What do they feed on anyway?

  21. Saw it twice last night – on Tiong Bahru Plaza mall window and on Upper Paya Lebar road, it was just chilling on the road.

  22. seen 3 so far in toa payoh. 2 lying on open field and 1 on the corridor wall. took a nice picture of 1 suntanning in the open field. lol. the moth ‘s face looked furry n kind of monkey cute.

  23. Plenty of them sighted at montreal link area at sembawang.
    At least a handful of them spotted along my corridor and in my home for the last few days, on the high floors.

  24. I saw one today at outside my lift at queenstown and saw one last friday at delta avenue outside the life.

  25. Discovered one exactly the same one shown in your picture in my home’s kitchen on 29th storey in Tiong Bahru area on 18.5.14. Also, taken photos of it. If you want I can send the photos over.

  26. I saw it two times at this week at Dover near SP.BTW lived at 37th floor .I was wondering how can they fly to reach such high building

  27. I saw them 4-5 of them at Jalan Membina. So scary . I walked passed one and it flew over my head . Don’t dare to walk near them. I hope they go away soon.

  28. Reporting: Counted 11 Lyssa Zampa moths today near my office, sitting calmly outside our office buildings: The Horizon Offices,Bangsar South, Jalan Kerinchi, Kuala Lumpur . . . Has noticed the number growing from this Monday, can anyone explain what those beautiful creatures doing out here?

  29. I have see first in company when i work i catch it and bring to my working area 135.2mm wide until now still in wall

  30. Changi Business Park saw a couple of these gentle giants then a few visited my block at 12th floor in Sengkang 🙂

    Beautiful creatures indeed…

  31. These past few weeks I have been seeing at least 2-3 in my house! I can’t seem to get rid of them. My family and I don’t really like them. Any ideas to help me get rid of them?

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