Captain Planet coordinates the Leaf Monkey Workshop

As a child, November Tan was influenced by Captain Planet. And she wanted to be just like him! As an undergraduate, she saw the Toddycats’ “Do you have a passion for nature and the environment” poster and joined us to contribute to various programmes. Her strong interest in environmental sensitivity, had her try to get a conversation going with Toddycats in 2005:

Raffles Museum news

And she is still at it – this time as founder and coordinator of The Leaf Monkey Workshop since 2007. She and her team just conducted a lovely workshop on marine trash with ICCS Otters which you can read about here. Congratulations to November, Kah Ming, Ria and Bo Kai for providing a unique and lovely workshop experience, everyone!

The Leafmonkey Workshop: Trash Talking: Marine Trash and Us

See also: “Pedal Ubin guide is one of four Bayer Young Environmental Envoys,” by N. Sivasothi. Raffles Museum News, 14 Sep 2004.

Faculty of Science Open House, Sat 17 May 2014

Joelle Lai and I just received confirmation that Toddycats will be on duty for the Faculty of Science Open House this year.

She’ll rouse the team to put on a show to welcome back alumni, during the Faculty Open House, like we did last year.

Just now, I chanced upon this photo of Joelle in action at the FoS 75th Anniversary Open House 10 years ago. How apt!

This year, she’s coordinatomng the action and for the Toddycats, its a warm up for the Festival of Biodiversity. Oi Yee who is the lower photo, is still going strong as a guide and a pioneer supporter of the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum.

Nope, you can’t pay for this.

Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research is now officially the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Yes folks, its official, the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research (RMBR) has become a new academic unit, the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (LCKNHM) as of today, 1st April 2014.

And no, it’s not an April Fool’s joke. It’s simply time.


In the earlier weeks, RMBR’s admin (Tan Kai-xin) had (hunted me down) informed me about migration of financial records, change in the WBS number of existing grants, and the migration of fixed assets. All very administrative, and not very newsy. Nothing compared to dinosaur acquisition and the name change is old news.

But would the admin change be announced? Well this morning, the official museum account (Marcus Chua) twittered this:

(1) Twitter / Search - raffles museum

They called me a tweep!

But how very up to date! And at least they let us know. Like I told a colleague, there is no secret underground news channel which updates me, just follow them on twitter at As you can see, the userid was changed to “lkcnhm” this morning.

The Facebook page, blog and webpage are not updated but bookmark the links. I imagine the blog and web URLS will be changed to new URLs eventually.

Alright, excitement over, back to work!

See this from 2011, “A long love affair with dinosaurs – now, let’s get some of our own!” link