Flightradar24 to identify that plane overhead and in and out of Changi

Having blogged about Ship Finder, I must mention FlightRadar24, which I first learnt about. It locates and tracks planes the way Ship Finder does for ships.

Here I was observing a flight from Beijing make landfall after crossing the South China Sea a couple of days ago.

Flightradar24.com - Live flight tracker!

On this midday screen grab from today, notice the wide arc taken by the Tiger Airways flight TGW2104 to Bangkok. Helpful when you plan to take air photo of our coastline and islands and are wondering about the typical trajectory of a particular flight.

Flightradar24.com - Live flight tracker!

The URL for a flight you might track follow the flight number, e.g. for this flight it is flightradar24.com/TGW2104.

Since we are in a travel hot spot, there is plenty to see when cycling between Punggol – Pasir Ris – Changi – ECP and Marina Bay. Spotting ships and planes with Ship Finder and FlightRadar24 is fun and informative. Both are iPhone apps as well and you can point to planes to identify their types with location settings on!

Flight Radar is also a $5 desktop app for Mac OS X with a tweaks such as airline and altitude filters. There is also the less sophisticated $6 BoatWatch app. All helpful in illuminating some details about the intense air and sea traffic around Singapore.

Welcome to Singapore, Sultan of Brunei! Via Flightradar24

Boat Watch
Boat Watch


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